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Sales Support Services

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    Prospecting Email & Phone Campaigns

    Customized lead generation to your industry and your target market. Our phone campaigns are warm and friendly,
    not robotic or canned.


    • Lead Generation
    • Research Potential Clients/Customers
    • Inside Sales Support
    • Deliver Value Proposition to Your Target Audience via Comprehensive Email and Phone Campaigns
    • Inbound and Outbound Prospect Qualification
    • Appointment Setting
    • Continuous Communication with Prospects
    • Customer Support After the Sale
    • S.W.O.T. Analysis of Your Offering (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
    Trade Show and Convention Scheduling

    We organize and schedule trade show appointments with your top prospects with outgoing calls and emails.


    • Trade Show 101
    • Goal Setting
    • Step-By-Step Trade Show Preparation
    • Appointment Setting
    • Executive Summaries
    • Lead Processing at the Trade Show
    • Personnel Coordination
    • Travel Arrangements
    • Post Trade Show Follow-up
    Client Relationship Building

    Cultivate and maintain client relationships. Track client interactions for ongoing relationship management.

    • Continuous Communication with Customers and Potential Customers
    • CRM Management (Client Relationship Manager)
    • Testimonial Coordination
    • Reference Gathering
    • Case Studies
    • Surveys
    • Customer Service Indexing